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Compensation Survey System Usage Agreement

The information accessed while using this Compensation Survey System (CSS) is provided for the sole purpose of comparing salary and benefits information with other clients of the system.  Authorized clients are those who have a valid and current account to use the CSS.  As an authorized user of the system, you agree to keep your data within the system current and accurate.

Unauthorized use of the CSS or the information contained therein is strictly prohibited.  It will result in de-activation of your account and may result in legal action against you and your organization.   Unauthorized use includes, but is not limited to
  • Sharing your login to the CSS with any other person, even within your organization.
  • Sharing the information from the CSS with any person outside your organization who is not an authorized CSS client.
  • Selling the information from the CSS.
  • Intentionally falsifying information within the system for any reason.
  • Any other action that would reduce, in any way, the value, reliability, or accuracy of the CSS or the information contained therein.
By clicking the checkbox, you indicate that you accept and will abide by the terms of this agreement.

I agree to the terms outlined above.

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